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He was raised in Aomori. He was impressed by pictures, such as J. Vermmer and Rembrandt, and studied a oil painting. However, really getting into photography and recieved degree from Tokyo Visual Arts in 1986, gained experience working for a number of photography studios and agencies.
He became an independent commercial photographer in 1995, specializing in portrait, beauty and still life photography
Then, in 2000, he began to pursue fine art p
hotography. He has been moved from Tokyo to Malaysia in 2006. lived and worked for 4years. He came back to Japan in 2010. Currently, based in Tokyo.


[ solo exhibitions ]

2022 "One Year" Jam Photo Gallery (ToKyo, Japan)

2022 "Nancy" Jiro Miura Gallery (ToKyo, Japan)

2019 "CONTRAST" Tokyoarts Gallery (ToKyo, Japan)

2015 "Zukan" Carta Bianca (Osaka, Japan)

2015 "Sakura" 72 west Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

2014 "Intimate" Tokyoarts Gallery (ToKyo, Japan)

2014 "Zukan" Tokyoarts Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 "Sakura" 72 Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 "Sakura" Daylight Project Space (North Carolina, USA)

2013 "FLORA" Bright Photo Salon (Tokyo, Japan)

2013 "necessary" Jimbo-cho Garou (Tokyo, Japan)

2006 "sakura" Za Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2005 "progress" DAZZLE (Tokyo, Japan)

2004 "sakura" DAZZLE (Tokyo, Japan)

2003 "Revealing" Yubi Photo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2000 "In-ti-mate" hokari fine art (Tokyo, Japan)


[ selected group exhibitions ]
2024 "Double-tone" Gallery Le Ceco (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 "fotofever paris" CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE (Paris, France)

2013 "Report from REVIEW SANTA FE 2013" Gallery TANTO TEMPO (Kobe, Japan)

2013 "Secret" Gallery A.W.P. (Tokyo Japan)

2013 "fotofever paris" CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE (Paris, France)

2011 "monochrome IV" Gallery EM (Tokyo, Japan)

2011 "The Affordable Art Fair" 7 West New York(New York,USA)

2010 "Selection-3" Jimbo-cho Garou (Tokyo, Japan)

2010 "Selection-2" Jimbo-cho Garou (Tokyo, Japan)

2010 "Selection-1" Jimbo-cho Garou (Tokyo, Japan)

2010 "Abnormal Nudes exhibition" Abnormals Gallery Poznan (Poland)

2010 "Abnormals Nudes Preview" Tacheles (Berlin, Germany)

2010 "MItsuo Suzuki & Robert Adachi" Loke Wan Tho Gallery (Singapore)

2010 "Racial Harmony@Pinnacle" Tanjong Pagar Art Gallery (Singapore)

2010 "SNAPS" RICOH Gallery RING CUBE (Tokyo, Japan)

2009 "Secret" RICOH Gallery RING CUBE (Tokyo, Japan)

2009 "monochrome" Gallery EM (Tokyo, Japan)

2009 "OVERSEAS" RICOH Gallery RING CUBE (Tokyo, Japan)

2009 "New Nude Photography" Abnormals Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

2007 "Summer Group Show" Fraser Gallery Bethesda (Maryland, USA)

2007 "The Affordable Art Fair" Metropolitan Pavilion(New York,USA)

2004 "The 5th Polaroid International Photography Awards" 
2004 - Tokyo Photographic Culture Center (Tokyo, Japan) , GALLERY ississ (Kyoto, Japan) 

2004 "Contemporary Photography" Fraser Gallery Bethesda (Maryland, USA)

2003 "100th exhibition" Fraser Gallery Bethesda (Maryland, USA)

2003 "florescence" Yubi Photo Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2003 "Flower Portraits" Fraser Gallery (Washington DC, USA)

2002 "Digital Plants" Art Photo Site Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2002 "Summer Group Show" Fraser Gallery Bethesda (Maryland, USA)

2002 "Grand opening" Fraser Gallery Bethesda (Maryland, USA)

2002 "Photography only" Fraser Gallery (Washington DC, USA)

2001-2003 "Sothebys Online Auctions" (Sothebys Auction House)


[ Pablications ]

 "The Independent" (UK and Worldwide) 2015

 "Zukan" (Japan) 2014

 "Camera Magazine" (Japan)Sep., 2014

 "Camera Magazine" (Japan)May, 2014

 "Fetish Fantasies" (Japan) 2012

 "180 Magazine" (Canada) March, 2012

 "GXR MOUNT A12 WORLD" (Japan) 2012

 "RICOH GRD IV Perfect Guide" (Japan) 2012

 "Atlas of Contemporary Erotic Photography" (Germany) 2011

 "Nihon Camera" (Japan) Dec., 2011

 "PHaT PHOTO" (Japan) Nov.-Dec., 2011

 "Nude Magazine" (U.S.A.) Spring issue, 2010

 "Photographers Gallery" (Japan) 2010

 "GR SNAPS II" (Japan) 2010

 "New Nude Photography" (Poland) 2009

 "The Best of International Nudes Photography" (Germany) 2009

 "Cameraman" (Japan) Apr., 2009

 "180 Magazine" (Canada) November, 2008

 "The Best of International Nudes Photography" (Germany) 2008

 "Gomma Magazine" (U.K.) issue 3, 2007

 "P Magazine" (U.K.) issue 28, 2005

 "The Journal of Erotic Photography" (U.K.) Summer, 2005

 "JADE" (U.K.) issue 13, 2004

 "Cameraman" (Japan) Apr., 2004

 "Zoom International" (Italy) Sep.-Oct., 2002

 "Cameraman" (Japan) Nov., 2001

 "Commercial Photo" (Japan) May, 2000


[ Awards ]

2023 "International Photography Awards, 2023"

 2013 Fine Art Portrait Professional category - Honarable Mention

2019 "The 13th Black & White Spider Awards"
2019  Nude Professional category - 

2014 "The 7th International Color Awards"
2014  Silhouette category - Honarable Mention

2013 "International Photography Awards, 2013"
2013 Fine Art Nature Professional category - Honarable Mention

2011 "The 6th Black & White Spider Awards"
2011 Still Life Professional category - Nominee

2011 "International Photography Awards, 2011"
2011  Fine Art Nudes Professional category - Honarable Mention

2010 "International Photography Awards, 2010"
2010  Nature Flower Professional category - Honarable Mention

2009 "Prix de la Photographie, Paris, 2009"
2009  Fine Art Professional category - Fine Art 2nd place
2009  Architecture category - 1st place
2009  Still life category - 2nd place

2004 "The 5th Polaroid International Photography Awards"
2004  Non-commissioned" category - Asia, Pacific area - Winner


[ Representative Gallery ]

 Fraser Gallery(Maryland, USA)

 Interart7(Tokyo, Japan)


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